Blind Contours by Alicia Taylor is an artist's book that features photographs and drawings inside a wire-bound, hand dyed and screen-printed softcover. A final draft edition of 5 was completed in May 2013.

This project began while revisiting a basic drawing exercise, blind contour drawing. 

As an artist interested in the active illusion of sight as a metaphor, I was mesmerized by the calculation and willpower required to suppress the instinct to look down at the paper. I began making images with processes by which my instinct would be challenged or removed.

My breath, held tentatively in my lungs underwater, eyes squinting open in the algea filled river to press the shutter when a diver would break through the surface. My face, frozen in place in a flawed plaster cast, acted a filter for fragmenting light in the darkroom. With closed eyes and one hand out stretched, touching another’s face, I drew their contour with frentic questures. Through a lens, my eyes followed the light, in search of a boundless energy. The resulting images are visual contours of experiences, relationships and states of mind. 

Learning through the making of this work and allowing a sense of vulnerability to take over in place of instinct- the work became for me; glimpses into the nature of faith; the invisible connections, power of light in darkness, and the fragile balance of hope and uncertainty. 

Much like a buoy is both anchored down and tethered up, Blind Contours is a tale of sinking and surfacing.